Deeper Meaning to Advent

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Mark 13:33

“Be watchful! Be Alert!” Christ says these words to his disciples, and all, about the end of all things and His inevitable return. Christ mentions multiple times that they should be watchful at all times, just as servants waiting for their master to return from traveling. This piece of the Gospel opens up a deeper meaning that the season of Advent can hold in our lives. It becomes twofold, we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birthday, and we look in anticipation to celebrate His return. 

We celebrate His birthday with such solemnity because of what Christ has done and continues to do for us. The gift of the infant Christ points to the sacrificial gift He would eventually make of Himself on the Cross; the two are inseparable. A gift made so we could be with Him in Heaven, so we ought to be looking forward to that day of His return, hence that more profound meaning of Advent.

Take the excitement of preparing to celebrate Christmas and see if it compares to that of Christ’s second coming. This point is just one takeaway from the Gospel that checks our level of anticipation to meet Christ. We know what waiting for things is like; we get excited for them to happen. Let us grow in excitement as we continuously watch for Christ.

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