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Misinformation Over US Bishops Letter

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The US bishops received a letter from the Vatican concerning their addressing the topic of worthy reception of Holy Communion for Catholic politicians who support abortion. These are just some headlines from the last month of articles concerning the Vatican’s response to the US bishops’ efforts in addressing reception of Holy Communion worthily.

Vatican sends letter to U. S. bishops: Don’t rush the debate on Communion, politicians, and abortion

America Magazine

Vatican sounds alarm over US bishops’ potential plan to deny Biden communion in pro-life fight

Fox News

After Vatican warning, US bishops have limited options for planned text about Biden

National Catholic Reporter

The Vatican’s response begins with thanking the US bishops for informing the Vatican that they are preparing to address the “situation of Catholics in public office who support legislation allowing abortion, euthanasia or other moral evils.”  It continues by expressing their gratitude for the draft of this once ready, “We are grateful that you plan to send us the draft of a document on worthiness to receive Holy Communion for an informal review prior to its submission to the body of bishops for a vote.”  A vote?  If the Vatican wanted them to tap the brakes on this issue, why mention a vote on a future draft?

Before going further into the Vatican’s letter, there are already questions.  If it was the intent to squelch the efforts of the US bishops, why is the Vatican grateful that they will be receiving a future draft from them? Another question is if the Vatican intended on slowing their work down, why did Cardinal Ladaria include helpful resources to consider as they formulate their draft?

I am working on more concerning this. At least for now these few headlines say plenty about some outlets not reporting what was in the actual letter. I am including the actual letter below so you can read it rather than what the media is saying about it.

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  1. Thank you Father for the information. Once again, you have helped clear the muddy water surrounding this issue, created by the secular media. The media misses very few opportunities to make the Church and it’s members look bad or confused. The media loves to create controversary about the Church anytime they can. Appreciate you making the actual letter available. God bless!

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