Lent is Near. Are You Ready

The reading that we have from St. James this morning is fitting since the season of Lent begins tomorrow. James asks the question, “Where do the wars and where do the conflicts among you come from?”. He answers by saying that they


Love We Need To Pray For

The opening prayer for the votive Mass for The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus goes, “Clothe us, Lord God, with the virtues of the Heart of your Son and set us aflame with his love, that, conformed to his image, we may

The War and r1217 returns

For years I have used a verse out of the book of Revelation as a reminder. I have used it to remind me why living out a Christian life is not always easy, in fact, why it is difficult at times. The

The Battle is Over Our Sanctification

Continuing the topic from ‘Our Spiritual Battles’ and ‘on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus.’ The Catechism of our Church (§2725) refers to this when it says that in a Christian’s new life there is also

Our Spiritual Battles

The Catechism (§2725) says that the in a Christian’s new life there is also a spiritual battle. It goes on to say that the spiritual battle the Christian faces is inseparable from the battle of prayer. In the book of Revelation 12:17

Coming to the Same Conclusion

The homily I delivered during this most recent Laetare Sunday dealt with the question of why there is a day in Lent where the Church tells us to rejoice. Laetare itself literally means to rejoice hence the question, why rejoice during Lent.