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  • Measuring Our Love for God

    Measuring Our Love for God

    There comes the point when we wonder how well we are fulfilling the greatest commandment to love God above all others and things.  Starting to wonder about this is a sign of healthy spiritual growth, whether it is the beginning of a religious conversion or continued growth after that.  How does one find answers to…

  • God’s Standards vs. The World’s

    God’s Standards vs. The World’s

    St. Paul tells the Corinthians to consider their calling.  He tells them that not many of them were wise by human standards, and not many were considered powerful or of any great status.  Was Saint Paul degrading them, trying to make them feel as though they were irrelevant?  Just the opposite, Paul was getting them…

  • When I Heard God’s Call

    When I Heard God’s Call

    Last Tuesday, many of the priests of the Diocese went to our presbytery day. It is a day when we hear from our Bishop and are brought up to speed on anything we should know about within the Diocese. In addition, there is usually a speaker to give us a short day of reflection. This…